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Arturo Rossi

Recurring Character "Quinn" USA Network's Hit TV Show "Graceland"

Recurring Character "Sugar" USA Network's Hit TV Show "Burn Notice"

"…Every once in a while the work of an actor, actress or set designer you've never heard of is so stunning that you ask, "Who is that?... Arturo Rossi is South Florida's best-kept secret. He's the producing artistic director of the shoestring Ground Up & Rising troupe, which moves more often than a Bedouin. Rossi's tour de force performance and driving direction of On An Average Day last month was hypnotic. Florida is famous for its pushover audiences giving standing ovations to nearly everything, but this production earned it. Ground Up is the same group that produced the criminally overlooked The Hate U Gave: The Tupac Shakur Story last year."
Bill Hirschman , Sun-Sentinel - On An Average Day.

"For the second year in a row, the winning entry comes from Ground Up and Rising, the shoestring troupe in Miami that mounted the stunning On an Average Day; also home to the best acting and direction you didn't see awards, both going to Arturo Rossi.
Bill Hirschman, The best and worst on South Florida stages in '09 - On An Average Day

"Arnold's bare-bones script was immeasurably elevated by Arturo Rossi's imaginative staging: a fantasia of obscenity-laced raps and rants examining the good intentions, tragic results and destructive hypocrisy living at the intersection of race, art and pop culture"
Bill Hirschman, Sun-Sentinel “South Florida theater's memorable moments 2008”

".. First, the acting by the two stars - Arturo Rossi and Arnaldo Carmouze -is A class.. absorbing and classy... a vigorous character study. The acting makes this visit worthwhile - seeing two extremely capable actors put their spin on unlikely characters."
Ron Levitt, Florida Media News - "On An Average Day"

"… A quadruple threat: a company founder, playwright, director and producer. (He) can act too, though Rossi focused on the other four tasks in September 10th. Rossi takes a clearly engaged audience on a journey from innocent dreams to altered reality … Drawing uniformly strong work from his talented cast, Rossi explores nothing less than the post-traumatic stress of a generation.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald Review of “September 10th”

"Arturo Rossi, a charismatic and energetic young actor…”
Marta Barber, Miami Herald Review of “The Indian Wants the Bronx”

"..elaborating on the sparse hints of troubled home life, the actors play their characters' vulnerability beautifully, first glimpsed when Roosi shows Alayeto a Christmas card he made, absurdly flattered by the uncomprehending man's attention.”
Celeste Frasier Delgado, Category305.com Review of “The Indian Wants the Bronx”

"There's a real camaraderie between the two actors who portray Jackie and Ralph. Their performances shine through the quick banter, with Henry's strong-willed Ralph setting the tone for
Jackie's salvation (or damnation). Rossi's depiction of the streetwise Puerto Rican Jackie walks a tightrope between vulnerability and rage, and nails it every time.”

“With his lithe movements, Rossi uses his entire body to encapsulate Jackie's mounting ardor. He loves Veronica fiercely, while at the same time expressing that coming home to her is like feeding his balls to Godzilla.”
Miami New Times Review of “The MotherF**ker With The Hat”

“GableStage's superb cast gives outstanding award wining performances. The Motherf**ker With the Hat is a sure hit for multiple Carbonell Award nominations. A Must See show!

“Don't miss this courageous production and Arturo Rossi (Jackie) who is brilliant as the trying to stay clean and sober boyfriend.”
Examiner Review, Review of “The MotherF**ker With The Hat”

“Director Joseph Adler has a way of coming up with the right actors for casting challenges, as he demonstrates again here. All five are top-notch, forming a forceful ensemble that navigates through the hairpin turns of Guirgis’s explosive dialogue. The standout of the company is Rossi, whose quirky delivery of lines keeps raising the comic bar.”
Palm Beach Arts Paper, Review of "The MotherF**ker With The Hat"

“Guirgis dishes up a colorful cast of characters who, at first glance, seem somewhat two-dimensional, almost caricatures, but we learn are instead very complex, juggling passion and aspirations while fighting off personal demons and lots of baggage. No one is quite who they seem. Under Adler’s direction, the entire cast, and especially Rossi offers nuanced performances that keep their characters real, even when Guirgis throws yet another unlikely curve to the plot.”
South Florida Gay News Review of “The MotherF**ker With The Hat”

"Rossi, once again, creates a character nearly unrecognizable from anyone else he’s played before such as the lovelorn cowboy in Alliance Theatre Lab’s Fool For Love or the faux yuppie brother in On An Average Day. Rossi invests a dopey innocence and even a prevailing sense of honor in this self-deceiving low-wattage criminal. He also invented an idiosyncratic speech pattern for Jackie that echoes a perpetual yearning for something better, usually by driving a slightly hoarse voice into an upper register at the end of a line.”
Florida Theater Onstage, Review of “The MotherF**ker With The Hat”

"As usual, Adler has assembled an excellent cast, with three of the five actors making their GableStage debuts. Rossi imbues Jackie with passion and vulnerability, underscoring the fragility of his sobriety."

"GableStage in Coral Gables’ Biltmore Hotel has the first bonafide smash of 2012 in The Motherf**ker With the Hat, a blistering comedy about a nervously sober ex-con trying to put his life back together. Five fabulous performances, Adler’s smart direction and tight pacing, and a funny yet touching script make Mother must-see theater.”
Miami Herald, Review of “The MotherF**ker With The Hat”

"Eddie's limbs seem ruled by a force outside himself --- his movements appear appropriately involuntary as he grabs his woman by the waist, flings himself onto the bed, slams doors, and tips a liter of gin upside down over his mouth. Rossi’s eyes shine with fantastic dreams and poetic words that seem to strike first as romantic, and a moment later, as cruel and repulsive as she recalls the long string of disappointments."

"Rossi's delivery is convincing and at times haunting, most notably in an eerie monologue he performs toward the end of the show."
Miami New Times, Review of “Fool For Love”

"See-sawing between quieter emotional moments and a shocking, unpredictable physicality, Arturo Rossi’s Eddie is a tall, rangy guy, soft-spoken and sly, a kind of latter-day Gary Cooper - except that he punctuates his points by shoving May into the wall of the cheap desert’s-edge motel room where she’s holed up."
Miami Herald, Review of “Fool For Love”

"Watching Arturo Rossi as Eddie, the lovelorn cowboy, is an acting treat. He is a marvelous performer who milks almost as much pathos from his role as his character does sipping bourbon (a mainstay of many Shepard plays)"

"Yes, it is a grim tale, but the acting is so intense, it is the kind of performing you want to experience from the audience seat. You may not like or want to know these characters, but you will admire the actors who play them."
Florida Media News, Review of “Fool For Love”

"I didn’t take many notes watching “Fool For Love” this past weekend at the Alliance Theatre Lab in Miami Lakes. How could I? To look down in the darkened playhouse and find an open space to scribble down my thoughts almost seemed insulting to the actors, because it would be ignoring, if only for a few seconds, the maelstrom of physicality and emotionality unfolding on the thunderstorm of a stage. To say that the lead actor exerted the required amount of insane dedication to this disturbing characters is an understatement.

"Rossi is a revelation as Eddie, capturing his character’s volatility and fragility with extraordinary extremity. This modern classic from the great Sam Shepard, about two lovers quarrelling and rehashing the past in a grungy motel, found a perfect home in this tiny playhouse in Miami Lakes. It struck the right chords of claustrophobia, desperation and bruised love that the show required. Arturo Rossi’ possessed performance as Eddie was glassy-eyed and frightening; he is, hands-down, a leading candidate for Best Actor in a Play.”
Boca Magazine , Review of “Fool For Love”

"Each scene is a snapshot, a device underscored by director Rossi as a wordless photographer who captures the place (hospital, school, psychiatric ward) and time of each encounter. Moving gracefully in a choreographed way, the actors achieve their time-traveling simply, changing shoes, Kayleen altering her hairstyle, Dougie adding a bandage that conceals a horrifying eye injury."
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald Theater Review “Gruesome Playground Injuries”

"That’s credited directly to the director Arturo Rossi, co-founder of this ragtag shoestring company performing around Miami. He knows where this play means to go and deftly adds brushstrokes all evening until he completes the portrait….Another of Rossi’s skills is how, quite unobtrusively, he places the two characters in an endless array of tableaus and how he moves them around the set.”
Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage Theater Review “Gruesome Playground Injuries”

"The play’s first scene is between Pops and the much-tattooed Oswaldo, and the way Finnie and Rossi deliver it lets the audience know it’s in for a wild yet perfectly calibrated comic ride. Rossi, who can go from soft-spoken to manic violence as fast as a Tesla goes from zero to 60, had recurring roles on “Graceland” and “Burn Notice.” He’s a fine stage actor who draws you in, only to make you sorry you got so close."
Miami Herald Review of "Between Riverside And Crazy"

"Last but not least, Arturo Rossi (another Motherf**ker graduate) is the voluble spider-tatted addict Oswaldo. Rossi previously has played a similar physically imposing clueless loser flailing in the netherworld of society, as much a danger to himself as anyone else. But Rossi inhabits this persona with such persuasiveness that even after one of the play’s more shocking scenes, audiences cannot help but feel some sympathy for his earnest doomed efforts to change his life.”
Florida Theater On Stage Review of "Between Riverside And Crazy"

"The seven-person cast leaves nothing to be desired…one of the most satisfying shows I've seen so far this season.”
The Wall Street Journal Review Of "Between Riverside And Crazy"

"Rossi infuses Gurgis’ vibe in every moment. His staging, especially in pacing, is exemplary. But his triumph in a play packed with venting rants is his insistence that actors pause to indicate characters absorbing what someone just said, weighing those words and then formulating an answer.”
Florida Theater On Stage Review of "Our Lady Of 121st Street"

"Guirgis, director Arturo Rossi and the cast make the scenes so vibrant that, once you’ve met all of Sister Rose’s ex-students and the other characters, you miss them when they’re offstage and anticipate their return.”
Miami Herald Review of "Our Lady Of 121st Street"