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Bechir Sylvain
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Recurring Character "Mark" on
TV One's "Love That Girl"

“Sylvain… is a real find. His Lucius is seductive, complicated and, when in full psychopath mode, scary as hell. When Lucius and Valdez mix it up, Sylvain and Mckinney create the kind of gutwrenching dramatic fireworks that don't need lavish production values.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald, Review of “Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train”

"Stoop-shouldered as if carrying a burden, yet moving with a liquid grace, Sylvain convincingly gathers into one soul the capacity to murder without remorse and the ability to appreciate the flight of a bird in the sunlight.”
Bill Hirschman, Sun-Sentinel, Review of “Jesus Hopped The ‘A’ Train”

"Sylvain did a phenomenal job rappelling paul's intricate layers, jumping deftly from earnest and solicitous to cagey and desperate. He drew a sympathetic, realistic character who betrayed the others' phony facades."
Kathy L. Greenberg, Tampa Tribune, Review of “Six Degrees of Separation ”

"His performance is spent undergoing an interesting transformation: in the beginning, he's just a brainy, boisterous, happy-go-lucky boyfriend — completely agog, apparently, over his hip, literary love interest — and by the end, he's become believably somber, the great responsibility of his long friendship with Manzelli's David showing in his face and in his weighted, heavy gestures. Watching him move is to watch the long arc of real brotherly love traced in a human tableau, and it's the one moment of redeeming sweetness in a play otherwise made worthwhile by its own giddy viciousness.”
Marta Barber, Broward New Times Review of “The Indian Wants the Bronx”