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Kameshia Duncan

Our Work in Their Words …

“Kameshia Duncan's acting as Ona is achingly beautiful the two performances that cut to the emotional heart of the play, however, come from Miami actors Kameshia Duncan as Oney Judge, a slave who served martha Washington, and Sheaun Mckinney as Oney's brother Austin."

"The other actors give a House With No Walls its fireworks. Duncan and Mckinney supply, unforgettably, its tears.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald, Review of “A House With No Walls”

“Duncan’s voice and eyes not only portray her character’s anguish, but make the audience feel it deeply, so much so that when she comes out for her curtain call, still trembling from her character’s emotional roller coaster, you just want to hug her and tell her everything will be OK. She’s the real thing, through and through.”
Miami Sun Post, Best of 2006