Artists & Critical Acclaim
Kameshia Duncan

Born in Atlanta, Georgia Duncan made her stage debut as a mute puppet in a high-school production. Raised in Miami, Florida Kameshia attended Miami Northwestern Sr. High PAVAC magnet program and continued her studies Howard University receiving her BFA.

Shortly after graduating, she continued her professional stage career in Synchronictys' production of Kia Corthrons "Breath, Boom". A prolific stage career followed in the Atlanta regional theatre community with performances at the Alliance Theatre Company, Actors Express, Seven Stages, Aurora Theatre and Jomandi Productions.

In 2004, Duncan's return to South Florida was a result of grandmothers passing.  During this trying period she focused her energy and began her South Florida acting journey at the Coconut Grove Playhouse with an ensemble role in the Adventures of Louie the Lizard.   Followed by the critical acclaimed and most challenging role to date as May in the M Ensembles production of "Bourbon at the Border."  Her promising career continued when she was cast in one of the nations top theatre festivals City Theatre's Summer Shorts in 2006 and 2006.  Duncans most ambitious project to date came in March 2006 when she received the lead role in Lynn Nottages Intimate Apparel at the Carbonell dominating theatre company Gable Stage. 

2006 proved to be year of significant milestones and accomplishments for Duncan receiving favorable reviews and recognition for her work in the South Florida theatre community.  In 2008 she received the prestigious honor from the Carbonell Awards Committee, The Miami Sun Post " South Florida’s Best of 2006" publication as best actress.  The climax of her Florida journey was achieved when she became a member of Ground & Rising, Inc. 

Duncan since then has located to LA; and although she continues to work in theatre, Duncan aspires to have a viable career in television and film; ultimately bringing her stage roles to the screen in adaptations like "Bourbon at the Border" and “September 10th” Thus far, her LA journey has afforded her the opportunity to work in film projects with legendary actor such Danny Glover and Jennifer Tilly.  Her film career continues to develop and she’s excited at the prospects and what lies ahead.

Kameshia is an inaugural recipient the Fred Diekman Emerging Artist Award 2007, a recipient of the Sun Posts' Best Actress, 2006 and  Carbonell Nominee-Best Actress Intimate Apparel.