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RACHEL CHIN - Creative Media Coordinator / Board Member
Rachel Chin

Rachel Chin is an Trinidadian born, American Stage/Film Actress and Singer. She moved to the US as a student and graduated with an Associate Arts degree in Commercial Art and a Bachelor's Arts degree in Communication Arts. During a decade of comprehensive training at The Panaro Academy of Dramatic Arts and The Acting School of South Florida, Rachel began her professional career with memorable roles in "B film" parody horror cult classics such as her turn as Private Lee in "Corpses are Forever", and Commander Pax in "The Monster Man", as well as performances in the Indie projects "Chances" and "Phoenix Falling". After her forays into the Sci-Fi/Horror genre, Rachel became a cult film darling amongst avid Sci-Fi/horror aficionados. She continued to develop with her professional stage debut in the 2008 critical smash hit revival of "The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel." Rachel was the only woman in an ensemble.

Ground Up & Rising(GUAR) inducted her as a member in the award-winning, critically acclaimed ensemble-based theatre company. Rachel's next performance was a critically lauded turn in "Story Of A Soilder, Letters From Iraq", a palpable, lucid drama that made Miami professional Arts history. It was the first professional Arts production in the city to be named both "Best of Theatre" and "Best of Classical Music" in the Miami Herald's-the region's most eminent and reputable daily. Year end Awards column for 2008. This production had Rachel characterize a solider and real person reading a real letter sent home before they lost their life in the war. In addition to the difficult task of rendering a character juggling hope, heartfelt familial connections, and the realities of wartime circumstance; Rachel had to deliver her performance under the syncopated orchestration of a chamber ensemble. Her expert handling of this arduous challenge foreshadowed an innate musical gift Rachel would cultivate and share with audiences over the following years. She continued performing in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Othello and the latest production in 2016, Our Lady of 121st Street.

Rachel's impressive GUAR resume also features the roles of Bianca in a 2010 post-apocalyptic adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. Rachel then had the opportunity to showcase her musical talents in two consecutive productions with Miami's landmark Mad Cat Theatre company, another theatre imprint with a sterling critical reputation. Under the direction of heralded Stage and TV actor Paul Tei, who plays the recurring character of Barry the Money launderer on USA's Hit show Burn Notice, Rachel played one of a trio of singing witches in another critically acclaimed turn, this time in a 2011 children's adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth called "Macbeth and the Monster". She followed that performance by adding another chapter to her diverse acting portfolio, playing a hard-edged rapper in Mad Cat's "RPM" at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Miami Made Festival in 2012.

Rachel continues to perform in a number of productions with Storycrafter's Studio under the artistic director Cynthia Joyce Clay. She recently performed in Storycrafters Studio’s “The Wish Maker”, “Broken Water”, “When I Was Alive” and Beware The Jabberwocky". She has participated in the 2015 & 2016 One Minute Play Festivals, Fringe Festival, and the South Florida Theatre Play Reading Festival.