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SHEAUN MCKINNEY - Co-Founder / Board Member
Sheaun Mckinney
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Cast Member "Malcom" CBS's
Hit TV Show "The Neighborhood"

Cast Member "Wayne" NBC's
TV Show "Great News"

Cast Member "Dayshawn" HBO's
TV Show "Vice-Principals"

Recurring Character "Eddie" USA Network's Hit TV Show "Graceland"

“A young actor of considerable promise… McKinney delivers a tour-de-force performance.”
Miami Herald Review of “Hellcab”

"… trouble made human, mcKinney's aggressive physicality heightens the play's menacing tension. His tiny flashes of vulnerability bring emotional shading to a character that might otherwise be a flat-out villain.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald, Review of “Streamers”

“Sheaun McKinney ... softly but with assurance transforms Jefferson from a defiant prisoner to a dignified young man about to die.”
Miami Herald Review of “A Lesson Before Dying”

“The most magnetic performance, however, comes from Sheaun Mckinney as Ardell…Whenever he is onstage, the play feels more urgent, stylish and intense.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald, Review of “The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel”

“Sheaun Mckinney is one of the finest actors in South Florida, his take on Austin Judge a breathing testament to human dignity and sweetness. When he cries after an argument with his sister, he cries — tears, snot, the whole works.”
Brandon K. Thorpe, Broward New Times Review of “A House With No Walls”

“McKinney's performance is controlled and compelling–he can do more with silences and a smile than most actors can do with a page of dialogue–and he is riveting to watch.”
Florida Theater Onstage Review Of The Pillowman

“Mckinney brings just enough rough-and-tumble whimsy to little Dougie, and he makes the grown-up Doug’s longing for Kayleen, the character’s belief in her healing powers, utterly convincing.”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald Theatre Critic- Gruesome PlayGround Injuries Review

“McKinney, a veteran of Ground Up’s troupe, has an imposing muscular, loose-limbed physicality of gentle genial giant, but he has the capability of erupting scorching lava. Izarra has a dancer’s grace and emits the aura of a tortured soul who long ago gave up on any hope of a genuine relationship with anybody.”
Bill Hirschman, Florida Theatre On Stage Theatre Critic- Gruesome PlayGround Injuries Review

“After watching his turn as a puling slave in the excruciating House with No Walls, we thought we had Sheaun McKinney figured. He was a cute, skinny kid, good for grabbing the heartstrings and little else. Our mistake. As a prison guard named Vasquez in Ground Up & Rising's Jesus Hopped the A-Train, he wasn't onstage a minute before the mean temperature in the auditorium dropped 10 degrees. He didn't want to rough up his charges, as the script might have suggested; he wanted to kill them. That desire, unspoken and undeniable, was almost certainly the actor's own innovation. At least when he was onstage, McKinney really was full of hate, inspiring in viewers a creeping uneasiness and a sense they were sitting too close to an explosion waiting to happen.”
Miami New Times 2007:  The Moments In Review