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Valentina Izarra

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“Produced by Curtis Belz and directed by Collin Carmouze, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea has Belz and Valentina Izarra sparring for seventy minutes of totally engrossing theatre… Belz and Izarra have complete control of more emotions than Freud ever dreamed of."
Miami ArtZine, Review “Danny & The Deep Blue Sea”

“Izarra has a dancer’s grace and emits the aura of a tortured soul who long ago gave up on any hope of a genuine relationship with anybody. as per the script, they don’t exude any romantic chemistry, But there is a sense of kindred spirits cautiously trying to make connections but shying away before consummating emotionally."

“Conversely, the performances and direction are the best we’ve seen any of these folks deliver… she is matched stride for stride by izarra (last seen in Ground up and rising’s Gruesome playground injuries) who just barely sidesteps the cartoon that shanley has written, an accomplishment requiring considerable skill.”who betrayed the others' phony facades."
Bill Hirschman, Florida Theater On Stage Theater Review “Savage In Limbo”

…her (Izarra’s) Kayleen impressively ripens into a furious, damaged, self-destructive woman.”
Miami Herald Review of “Gruesome Playground Injuries”

“The three women are especially outstanding. Izarra and Abergel are expert sparring partners, cut from similar cloths but clashing in texture. Both can speak a mile a minute, and both erect protective fronts and expose hidden vulnerabilities; the major difference is that Izarra’s performance springs from the heart and Abergel’s from the brain, choices that resonate deeply with their characters."
Miami New Times Review Of “Savage In Limbo”

“Izarra, whose program bio says she studied shakespeare at the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts in London, doesn’t have an ounce of pretentiousness in her genuine Jersey girl portrayal. one minute, she’s frenetically unearthing scientific american magazines hidden under her couch like x-rated magazines, the next minute she’s chain smoking and maniacally culling the want ads for jobs, while in another quick breath, she’s misty eyed as she wants to become suitor to her best girl friend. When she describes claire as tasting like “sprite without the bubbles,” Izarra conjures sensuality with a simple girlish grin. When Julie suffers heartbreak, there’s a collective sigh as the audience gets swept away by the actress’s earnest approach.”
Michelle Solomon, Florida Theater On Stage Theater Review “Julie Johnson”

“Julie Johnson doesn’t work without an appealing Julie, and Kutumba’s production certainly has one in izarra. she is quirky as she reveals to claire the stacks of science magazines she has hidden from her hubby, as if they were porn; sympathetic as she bears the verbal abuse of her self-centered daughters Lisa (Skylar Voelker) and frankie (Julianna Rector); needy and determined as she interacts with her influential teacher, Mr. Miranda (Doug Wetzel). Izarra’s radiant Julie weathers each setback, and the audience roots for her as she pursues her dreams”
Christine Dolen, Miami Herald Theater Review “Julie Johnson”